Monday, January 2, 2017

Second Gustavian Day in Vaasa, August 2016.

 Last August, a week after the picnic in Suomenlinna, it was time to travel to Vaasa, to have another picnic. We did not have the same luck with weather as the previous year, and so it began raining already on our way to the venue. But that didn't stop us from having a good time anyhow! 

After everyone had changed into their costumes, we had a picnic in the indoors of the Old Museum of Vaasa. 

The rain stopped for a while, so we had the chance to do some outdoor activities in the end, too! We had a croquet match...

...while others danced for a bit. The event is public and you don't have to wear a costume to come so there's some audience on the background.

But soon we had to get back in because it started raining again.

Of course there was an obligatory regency wedgie attempt, as usual. :)

So then we toured the museum again. I already took several photos of it last time so I didn't do that this time. But the grey room upstairs had the best light (most of the rooms are too dark for photos) as well as the most fitting furniture for the era of our costumes, so of course we took some costume photos there.

(Is anyone else bugged by the fact the table cover isn't ironed?! Because I am. (And yes, I realize the museum probably isn't equipped with an iron...))

And before it was time to leave, we also took some similar stroll photos as the previous year.

 There has already been talk about third Gustavian day event again this year, so I really hope it works out again! It has been such an easygoing and pleasant event with a chance to see friends that I really look forward to it already!


  1. I love the photos of the two of you in your Regency outfits together! Your amazing big hats and dresses look perfect!

  2. Ooooh! Oh just seeing the green of the grass makes my heart so happy! With all of the snow we have had and how cold it has been, I got all warm and fuzzy just seeing your pictures! Everyone and everything looks so lovely! Those bonnets....I am drooling on my keyboard just looking at them! And the food! Was it as delicious as it looks! Thank you for sharing this peak into a green world once again!