Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1780's stays - finally finished (Updated!)

So I finally finished my new 1780's stays. At first I stated sewing these like crazy but I don't know why I got so lazy by the time I had added the first two panels of the lining so that it took me a couple of months to add the rest. 

And some new photos of the stays when worn.

Now the back lacing closes completely again but it's really comfortable with about 2-3 cm gap between the back edges.

Each tab was lined separately and the rest of the panels were added after that.

I'm quite happy with the binding. It has got visible stitches on the right side even if you can't tell from the photo below. Though I think a narrower part of the binding tape should be seen on the right side. The tape  is also double fold bias tape because I couldn't find twill tape earlier. Later on, after I had already added the binding to these stays I found some twill tape that will be used for the next stays. 

Now I kind of feel like making yet another pair of stays. The shape isn't as curved as I wished it was and I want to use that twill tape I've got now. Also, I'm thinking about covering those metal eyelets with thread so that it would look more accurate or even try to find some metal rings of which I was talking about in an earlier post. And front lacing would also probably be more practical... I haven't been able to sew much lately and won't be at least for a month anyway because I'm just about to graduate in the beginning of June and I'm really busy finishing some stuff for school at the moment. So don't expect to hear much from me until then.