Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pocket hoops and petticoats for 1760's and 1770's

When it comes to costume making, it's been really quiet over here for the last couple of months. To be honest, I've lost motivation for creating anything but I tend to have these periods every now and then and they usually pass in some time so no worries, I'm just about to get back to sewing any time soon. Plans and patterns have been made but nothing much else, except for a ruffly cap.  I also never got around to post pictures of my new pocket hoops and petticoats as promised after taking quick photos of them in December so I thought to post them up now - maybe blogging will give me the little boost of inspiration that I need to get back on sewing.

So, here we have the pocket hoops. I actually had pocket hoops before these, too, but since they were made a long time ago as I was just starting with 18th century and sewing in general, the pockets were terrible: they would clung to my thighs and were made out of a too sheer fabric which caused the ends of the hoop steel to tear the fabric even if I had rounded the edges. As you can imagine, they were really uncomfortable. Anyway, these are the new pocket hoops. 

 And then, the first petticoat. It turned out to be shorter than I intended but it does the job so I don't mind.

And second petticoat which was made a year ago from an earlier garment... It seems the beginning of this post is almost a repetition from the post linked. I didn't remember I had just the same motivation issue in January 2012...

And the next one would be the actual petticoat. I really like the width of these pocket hoops and the voluminousness they give to the petticoats.