Monday, November 25, 2013

Sneak peeking the robe à la Française

Time for a few sneak peek photos of the almost finished robe à la Française. Although I'm not sure if I can call it "almost finished" because there's still relatively lot to do... But the back side of the gown is actually at it's finished stage so I decided to take some photos of it to finally show you the progress on the dress and also to motivate myself. This dress just looks so dull when it's laying on my lap as I'm stitching it but once I put it on the dress dummy to take photos of it, it looks a whole lot different. I've had so many difficulties with this gown I've basically felt like giving up almost all the time but now I'm really happy I haven't done so. It's shaping up to be my first (but not the last, I promise) "pretty pretty princess dress".

The silk organza trim is actually striped. I was a bit disappointed to notice the stripes are barely visible once the trim was stitched to the dress. Oh well... at least the fabric was easy to cut straight.

I'm not particularly fond of the too synthetic looking lace on the neckline but it can be easily replaced as soon as I find something more suitable.

Being inspired by the painting below, I'm considering adding gray or black bows to the sleeves and the front of the dress....

And since Leo is my best (and worst) sewing buddy ever, he's doing what he does best and demonstrates how hard work sewing is....