Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gustavian Day in Vaasa

I never posted photos from our little Gustavian event from last summer so maybe now it's a good time to take a moment to do that. As Noora already explained on her blog, we had been talking about arranging an event that wouldn't require much preparation for quite a long time and that finally came into a reality in early August when Noora invited everyone to a picnic in Vaasa. Since there aren't any (?) early 19th century events in Finland and we really wanted to get dressed in regency costume, we decided on a Gustavian time frame (1771-1809), which allowed us to do that as well as invite friends from 18th century groups to join.

The picnic was held on the grounds of the Old Museum of Vaasa which you can see in the background of some of the photos. The (white) building is also called the Wasastjerna house and it was built in the early 1780s.

The day's activities included setting up... 

...having our picnic lunch...

...playing graces...

... and paille-maille.

I'm loving this view of Ida's outfit - The plumes! The stripes!

There was also posing...

... and strolling like proper regency ladies with Noora.

Ok, maybe not so proper! 

I must also share a couple of lovely photos of Mia in her 1780s outfit! :)

We would, of course, visit the inside of the museum as well, where we had a tour guide take us through the rooms. 

Noora's white gown looked absolutely fabulous in the lighting of a Gustavian room on the second floor of the museum so I couldn't pick just one favorite of all the photos I took of her in this beautiful room.

And here's our whole picnic group!

No regency event is complete without regency wedgie picture, right? ;) 

The last things to do before leaving was seeing the most grand building in Old Vaasa, the Korsholm Church...

...and trying to vaguely recreate this famous satirical print from late 18th century as a photo.

I hope you enjoyed this little throwback post - I sure did! Remembering all the fun we had make me so happy. :)

 Oh, and maybe you noticed I was wearing a new (to this blog) dress. I'll share more about it another time.

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