Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pair of garters 1780 - work in progress (again)

Some time ago, while browsing on Victoria & Albert Museum's database, I found this lovely pair of garters. I was so inspired by their dramatic, yet romantic slogan that I decided to make them. Usually I've just worn white modern socks (under-knee length) because I never had the patience to make such a simple article of clothing - that won't be much seen anyway - on my own but now I really want to make a pair of socks to go with the garters. This is also a perfect pair of garters because I've decided to make proper undergarments for 1780s costumes and these are from that decade as well.

Pair of Garters, ca. 1780, V& A

I drew the garters up on a paper a few weeks ago and while I was embroidering my 1890s corset (it's almost finished! Yay!) yesterday I felt like I should keep on going so I also picked up the garters and finally started making them. Here's the pattern I made for them:

Embroidered so far...

These were the colors I already had and tomorrow I'm going to get some more threads to do the rest of the embroidery work...

Woah, I'm actually amazed by the amount sewing I've done in the past two months. I usually work in short periods of time and I might have a few months break in between but now I've been sewing like mad for longer than I usually do. I guess it's one of those rare periods when I get a lot done. Also, note to my dear readers, because of taking long breaks from sewing from time to time there might be long breaks on blogging, too, even if I'm posting quite a lot at the moment...


  1. How cute those are! Your work looks very lovely so far, too :)

    I had thought about a pair for a small embroidery project, but since my stockings already stay up (need to make a pair -- these were purchased and are tight) and you don't see them, I keep putting it off to work on other things I need more.

    Do those tie in bows on the side of the leg? Did men wear something similar? I have done very little research on men's wear so far, but I have seen mention of buckles. I was hoping to do something sweet like embroidered garters for my husband's costume as well. I just wasn't sure if it would work with breeches or not (then again, I should probably finish the main garments for my husband to start with heheheh).

    Looking forward to seeing them finished!

    1. I see what you mean, I've been the same earlier. Anyway, these tie in bows on the back of the leg, below or above knee. I really don't know about the men's garters, though. I'm sure they must have used them but that's all that I know. I'll let you know if I find out something! It's certainly something to research on a bit. Hmm, I might already know a book that might help...

  2. Cute! I can't wait to see how they look finished, too. Now I want to make a pair.

    1. Hehe, I now the feeling! ;) I'm going to finish these today so you don't have to wait for long... :)

  3. This pair of garters are really lovely, and I love these french slogans ! Can't wait to see your garters finished i

  4. Is it?
    United ever I die or am attached or I die or my home has never united
    I google translated it :P You've inspired me to make myself a pair, they would be great busy work in camp to keep my fingers occupied!! What is the size of the embrodered piece?