Monday, February 6, 2012

More progress on the stays and two great articles

I've been really excited about sewing the 1780s stays and have made progress on them every day since last post. I debated whether to have visible boning channels or not but eventually I thought the boning channels seem to be always visible in the late 18th century stays I've seen so that's how I wanted them to be.

Recently I've been exploring a lot of new blogs and found some interesting articles. To mention a couple, you should definitely read: 

This post on Textile Time Travels. Annika Madejska talks about SCA events but to me it seems there are some similar issues on the 18th century reenactor community as well. The second half of the article in particular. 

Also, on Jennifer Rosburgh has written a great article about trying keeping up with other costumers. I'm sure many of us agree with her. 

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