Thursday, April 21, 2011

Introducing the blog and myself...

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I've been planning setting up a blog for a long time and finally I got to do it. The main reason for not getting started with this blog earlier was the problem of not coming up with a name for it. So, to make sure you all know what this blog is about, I'm going to clarify things briefly. Even though the title "Rococo Atelier" refers - obviously - to the 18th century, I'm also going to talk about other periods, like medieval and 19th century. But no worries - most of the posts will be about the 18th century - because it's my favourite. ;)

What about me? I'm a dressmaker student more or less obsessed with history, art and costumes, among a bunch of other things you'll be able to read about on this blog in the future. You might also know me from deviantART, I'm the founder of the 18th century club. Make sure to join the group if you're a member of the site!

What else? I love reenacting and I do it primarily for the fun of it. So keep in mind this blog isn't going to be all that serious! :) That's all from this time, I look forward to start blogging and reading/responding to your comments!

PS: In case you're wondering, my avatar is from the painting "The music lesson" (1788) by Michael Garnier. He's definitely one of my favourite 18th century artists - despite of the fact there are only a few of his works available on the net. If you want to see more examples of his paintings, take a look at this post on 18th century blog by Johanni.