Tuesday, August 9, 2016

L'Amusette's masquerade ball

As briefly mentioned in my last post, last April the lovely people of L'Amusette baroque dance group hosted a masquerade ball in Haihara manor in Tampere. It has become an annual event, with a different theme each year, and this was the fourth time it was arranged. I've been going every year so I think it's about time I provide a glimpse into it since I haven't done that before! I didn't take that many photos but there were a few of nice ones so I'm going to share them, along with a few of my favorite photos by Markku Arvonen. This year there were a lot of guests, which of course meant there were many costumes to admire, and I'm sorry for not being able to show you all of them! ;)

Let us begin with Hanna reading a chapter from an 18th century journal about travels in Turkey. 

There was also a lecture about coffee, which was a luxury product and prohibited several times for some periods of time in 18th century Sweden and Finland. 

Next we had supper and there was plenty of food, made with period recipes!

Some time after the supper the ball could really begin. Since everyone was so busy dancing, there aren't any photos of that, so I'm going to show you my photos, in no particular order! 

Garth and Päivi.

This year one of the rooms in the manor had been decorated as an oriental boudoir. It turned out to be a great success, and everybody wanted to have their portrait taken in it. And later during the night the boudoir provided a cozy and atmospheric place for casual lounging and chatting with friends! 

Mia in her fabulous robe à la Turque and turban!

And a photo of me pouring some imaginary exotic beverage for her. ;)

Ida, one of the the members of L'Amusette.

Noora and Emilia, both wearing regency dresses in almost matching colors.

I'm loving this view from the boudoir into the ball room.

In case you're interested in hearing more about this ball, I urge you to go to Rhia's blog. I think she did a much better job capturing the atmosphere of this lovely masquerade than I did!