Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Search the collections

I can't believe I had missed out this one! And I thought there couldn't possibly be more online collections because my online collections list (see the list on the left side of the blog) seemed so long already. ;) Anyhow, if there's anyone like me who hasn't seen the collection here's a link to it.


  1. I love number four - it makes my heart hum. And I like that the mannequins have faces and hair. It makes the past more accessible - the clothes were born by real people. I like that.

    1. I had never thought about it that way but you're right! Though, I'm quite sure that most museums don't give the mannequins faces because they want all the attention on the clothes. Either way is fine to me anyway.

  2. Nice way to decorate your walls. I have never done that. My effort to beautify the walls in my house was to order big-sized canvas prints from, from images of western art. I use the same angel motifs in all of the rooms painted by different painters, such as this one by very interesting English artist Stanley Spencer,