Tuesday, December 2, 2014

18th century fair of Isokyro

This post is coming really, really late but at least I'm trying to catch up on blogging because I've been gone for too long. Instead of writing about all aspects of this lovely weekend in August I'm simply going to give you a short tour around our little booth at the 18th century fair of Isokyrö since - apart from meeting friends from far - it was the focus of my trip.

Below: Maija of Couture Mayah on the left and Noora of The Shadow of My Hand on the right welcoming you at the booth.

Here's Hanna preparing for the weekend at our booth on Friday after arriving in Isokyrö.  As you will be able to tell from my photos, we had all sorts of historical and contemporary fashion items for sale.

Noora arranging her things on Saturday...

A couple of bum pads were hung from the ceiling. ;)

Noora had also made some cute garters and mitts for sale. 

You could also buy L'Amusette's calendar for 2015 at the booth. It has got breathtakingly amazing photos inspired by some famous 18th century paintings. 

More people from our booth group: Emilia and Ida.

Our booth sign, made by Maija and Hanna. Isn't it just adorable? :)

Here's one portion of the market place on Friday. Also, you could see glimpses of the Old Church of Isokyrö in my last post and here it is again in the background.

And then the same place again on Saturday (photo taken looking from the church towards the opposite direction than the photo above)... 

The church made a wonderful background for photos so of course we took many pictures in front of it. Here's a favorite.

Also, I got a punishment for being so indecently dressed

On Sunday Noora lent her jacket to me. (You can't go to a church mass in your underwear, right?!) We had not realized that we were almost the same size until this... so at the moment I'm borrowing her pattern for this jacket as I had been planning to make one as well.

In case you want to read more about this event (and see more photos) head over to The Shadow of My Hand.


  1. New post, finally! :D Good to have you here back. I envy you so much, those 18th century Finnish events always look so distinguished, each and every lady looking gorgeously historical! I wish I could get something from the shop, everything looks yummy, and the hanging bumpads are most adorable :)

    1. Yay, I'm happy and relieved to be back! :) I've missed blogging and commenting... Anyhow, we didn't have quite so many lovely 18th century events a few years back but I'm glad this hobby is growing here :)