Hello and welcome to my blog! To make sure you all know what this blog is about, I'm going to clarify things briefly. Even though the title "Rococo Atelier" refers to the 18th century, I'm also going to post about other periods like 19th century, but the focus of this blog will remain the 18th century since it's my favorite.

What about me? I'm a dressmaker graduate more or less obsessed with history, art and costumes, among a bunch of other things you'll be able to read about on this blog. I've been fascinated by history and specially historical costumes ever since childhood and I started learning sewing with the help of my grandmother at the age of fifteen, so I have been doing this for about eight years so far. You could barely call my first costume 18th century inspired - it was made with a Burda pattern no less and worn without a corset *shock*. Anyhow, my first sewing experince led me to loving this hobby so attended an entrance exam for dressmaking school. I got in and after three years, graduated. While learning about modern dressmaking, I also got more and more into 18th century costume making and started learning how to make proper historical clothing on my own. Nowadays, I mix both modern and historical techniques to achieve a piece of clothing that is pleasing to my eye. I don't try to take historical accuracy to a very high level in my costumes but I'm more and more driven into accuracy all the time.

You might also know me from deviantART. Make sure to join the group 18th century club if you're a member of the site!

What else? I love to dress up in historical costumes and I do it primarily for the fun of it. So keep in mind this blog isn't going to be all that serious! :)

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