Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Versatile Blog Award and a short sewing hiatus

Just to let you know, I'm not sewing at the moment. Our bedroom is currently under renovation, which means that all of my sewing supplies have been removed from the sewing corner for a while. I really hope we'll be done with the renovation before the end of the week because I'm still very inspired by the last event and would love to start making some new things for my 18th century wardrobe. As I haven't been able to sew, I have been drafting some patterns. For example, I just finished patterns for a 1760's fully-boned stays and for another 1780's robe à l'anglaise for a friend.

About a week ago I was happy to notice that nominated me with the Versatile Blogger Award. I really wasn't expecting to receive another award in such a short while after the Liebster Blog nomination. Anyhow, I'm very honored to receive another one and very happy to hear someone would find my blog worthy of this award.
Accepting this honor means I need to:

1) Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.
2) Paste the award to my blog.
3) Tell 7 thing about myself.
4) Nominate 15 other blogs.

And now, seven things about me. I'll try to keep them sewing-related...

1)  As kids, my friend and I drew a pirate comic and we wanted to know more about the Golden Age of Piracy. I was more into naval history than fashion history back then. As time passed I got more and more into historical clothing and finally started sewing historical costumes at the age of 15. My first dress turned all alright for something that's your first piece of clothing that you have ever sewed but it was far from being a real 18th century costume. 

2) I sewed my first 18th century corset about half a year after starting sewing. It was an awful thing but the fit was surprisingly good... for someone who has sewed only one garment before.

3) The first fashion history book I borrowed from the library was The Chronicle of Western Costume by John Peacock. Browsing through all the periods, I found 18th century the most appealing.

4) At first when seeing Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette in the movies I did not like it. Later on I started enjoying the movie because of the costumes and music. (I can't get enough of that soundtrack.) Nowadays Marie Antoinette is still one of my favorite 18th century movies even if you can easily tell some costumes are quite far from being historically accurate. 

5) My purple robe à la polonaise was the first costume that I was truly happy with. Though, it no longer fits... *sigh* 

6) Sewing 21st century clothing is mostly boring to me. I have sewn many modern garments as I took my studies in modern dressmaking but I still prefer to sew historical costumes. I secretly weep in my mind every time I have to replace zippers or shorten jeans. 

7) I probably spend more money on my costumes than on my everyday clothing. I rarely buy new clothing and I'm not interested in shopping anyway. Fabric shopping is another story, though! ;)

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  1. Yeah, I have a pattern for a great little suit - dress and jacket - and I want to have it, but I'm not too keen on sewing it, as sewing 21st century clothing is just a pain!

    1. There really are a lot of pretty 21st century garments but there just isn't enough time for everything and historical garments are simply much more fun! :)