Friday, January 20, 2012


Lately I haven't been sewing much out of studies... I've been just planning and dreaming mostly. The good news is that I'm nearly finished with a 1890s corset I'm making for my final project at school. I think I haven't mentioned that here before. The pattern is from Corsets: Historical Patterns & Techniques by Jill Salen. Mine is going to be very plain in white. It has been fun to try out something from the 19th century for a change. 

The whole project includes a set of unmentionables (underwear) from the 1890s and a study of the women's fashionable silhouette from 16th century to the early 20th century, which means I'm been researching a lot about the underwear from other periods than just 18th century, too, and it has been really interesting. 

Today I really felt like I just had to get my hands on sewing at home so I decided to make an extra under-petticoat that I should have made a long time ago but I just never got around to do it. It was a really quick project and here's the result. The petticoat is fitted over pocket hoops and has a ruffle in the hem. It's also white and shorter than my other petticoats so that it won't be seen. Nothing special, really, but anyway... A girl can never have enough petticoats, right? I was thinking about making a tutorial how to make a quick petticoat but I realized there is a few tutorials available already. 

Go check out:

The Diary of a Mantua Maker: Perfectly pleated petticoats

Now, feeling this productive, I think I'm heading off to make the actual petticoat for my robe à la Polonaise, since I didn't make it in time for the ball a couple of months ago...


  1. Tosi kiva kun pääset yhdistämään opiskelun ja harrastukset. Ihan unelmalopputyö.

    1. Niinpä! Joissain määrin se on myös vähän huono asia ollu mutta suurimmaksi osaksi vaan hyvä!