Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What is she wearing? Underwear?! (Part 2)

Soo, here's the part two with pictures of the dresses I was talking about in the last post...

The Chemise dress seems to be quite often the first dress of a reenactress and I’m not an exeption, even though I didn’t make it for myself. Some four years ago it was good to start with something simple, quick and easy to make. Chemise dress is also a very alternable and fits well to several people, which makes the dress really useful.  I’m too ashamed to show you the first result because I hadn’t been sewing for a long time when I managed to pull my first Chemise dress together. However, it’s still in use - after I’ve alterned the dress at least two-three times. Last time was about a week ago when the dirty hem wouldn’t wash well anymore so I cut it off and added some ruffles to it to make it look a little more fancier for a ball.

Here’s the latest version of the first Chemise dress that I made:

I also sewed a new Chemise dress for another friend of mine:


Thanks for both ladies for allowing me to post up the photos! 


  1. oh, hienoja kuvia tuli, ja ihanan raikkaita muutenkin oli nuo muoiden "raskaampien" pukujen keskellä :)

    Voitko muuten laittaa Idalle mun sähköpostin merineiti miuku niin saan kuvia jotain itsellekin...

  2. They both look very nice! Even though that garment is a little later than I plan to sew (at least for now), I always stop and look at them admiringly. They just look so frilly and pretty, yet light and comfortable. Maybe someday! Great job!

    And thanks for the reply on my blog and for following me. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects! Best wishes :D

  3. The dresses are quite lovely. I would happily wear this style! Thanks for sharing.